Adoption Day…


The Sanders Family just grew by two feet.

Making footprints

Making footprints

Sweet baby footprint

Daddy Signing Adoption Paperwork

Daddy signing adoption paperwork.

Mommy signing adoption paperwork with Peng Juan looking on in the yellow sweater and the notary on the left. We are officially Hope’s parents now and we couldn’t be happier!

We returned to the Civil Affairs Office with our guide this morning to complete the adoption registration, certification and notary process. The two officials from the orphanage who brought Wen Jie by train yesterday to Changsha (capital of the Hunan province) were there to sign with us. When they came over to greet Wen Jie and wish her a good morning, she cried and objected loudly as though they might attempt to take her back. We are surprised and delighted that it seems Hope Wen Jie is not only open to us but she seems to be actually choosing us. Our most recent reports from the agency were pretty clear that she had developed a fear of strangers. Last week when WACAP officials visited her orphanage, she would not allow anyone to touch her. Our guide, Wendy, was in attendance for that visit and she can hardly believe this is the same child.

She told me she believes this is a miracle!

We can’t imagine how Hope is going through this whole process with no apparent grieving. It’s as though she was waiting for us and she is ready for us to be her family. She just soaks up the attention we lavish on her and relishes being held, carried, loved on.

God has done a tremendous thing in preparing her heart for us and in preparing our hearts for her. We asked for a miracle. I remember asking the Lord countless times since February to accomplish this, so I’m not sure why it comes as a surprise. I just know it is a crazy, amazing answer to our prayers and I’m thrilled to be taking it all in. Oh Lord, use this to increase my faith that You will accomplish what concerns us in the next few months as we learn to parent this precious gift.

During a short interview, the adoption officer reviewed our paperwork and then asked, through an interpreter, if we were happy with the baby.

Happy with the baby?

Do birds sing? Is the earth round? Will the sun rise tomorrow?

As sure as a stone drops from the hand that lets it go. As sure as birth and death. As sure as day and night succeed each other. As sure as gravity. As sure as Heaven…

As sure as anything that ever was sure, we are so very happy with our baby girl! And we praise the God that made Heaven and Earth for bringing us together.

God sets the lonely in families.     ~Psalm 68:6


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