Indescribable Joy…

She’s absolutely perfect! Everything we hoped for. Everything we imagined. And immeasurably more… 
     There are no words to describe our joy as we looked up and saw our little 19 month-old daughter standing in the breezeway in a little denim blazer and white hat, her foster mother whispering to her, “Momma, Momma.” We were helpless to do anything but simply adore her. Imagine my delight when she allowed me to stoop down, love on her, caress her sweet face, hold her against me, and take her in.
     Everyone except us spoke Korean during the entire visit though Hyejin, the caseworker, translated from time to time. Trying to make a good impression with nods, smiles and a hug or squeeze of the hand was difficult; but I was encouraged that love is the same in any language and this precious family welcomed us warmly into their home.
     We had such fun playing with Sarang and watching her interact with us and the foster family, each moment more delightful than the one before. Her development is close to being on target, which is unusual for a toddler with a severe visual impairment. She’s bright and spunky — and perfect for our family — and from the very depths of our hearts, we love her and want her. She has obviously been parented with wisdom and grace and these two dear people have sacrificed much by investing nearly a year of their lives to make hers better. It is clear she has been given very special care and that her foster parents adore her. The difference this will make in her life and future (and ours) is unfathomable.
     How we laughed with joy to see Sarang carry around the little Sleep Sheep contentedly and lean in close to listen to the recorded books we had packaged so carefully and sent to Korea months ago. We were amazed at her attention span as she listened intently before turning each page. It was obvious these were familiar to her and that she had grown to cherish them as we’d hoped.
     I noticed the hand quilted blanket we sent folded in her stroller and thought how big God is and remembered His omniscience and omnipresence in Psalm 139:14, “Wonderful are Your works, and my soul knows it very well.”
     We are impressed with the Korean agency and how they have managed Sarang’s case. I relished every detail as I was able to question the caseworker on the 20-minute taxi ride to the foster parents’ home. We have been privy to far more information than we ever dreamed. According to information on the Korean adoption agency’s web site, it is estimated that more than 2 million babies are aborted every year in Korea; so it seems God has had His hand on this special baby for some time. We are forever indebted to her young birth mother for choosing life and adoption and to Hyejin, the Social Welfare Society, and the foster family for advocating, nurturing, and providing for her while she waited for a forever family.
     Since we had to leave Spartanburg in such a hurry, we didn’t have a chance to purchase many of the things we will need for a toddler at home. A baby carrier was one of the things I had really wanted to get, because they’re highly recommended to help promote bonding. But, alas, there simply wasn’t time before we left. Amazingly, we learned today the foster parents are planning to give us many of Sarang’s things — even the baby carrier they have been using with her. Imagine that! One of the highlights of our visit was the foster mother helping me learn how to strap the carrier onto myself and place Sarang inside.
     We are planning to take custody of Sarang after a short visit at 4:00 pm tomorrow (Wednesday), but since she is well-attached to her foster parents, we anticipate a natural and expected grieving process. She has clearly been prepared and she knows something is amiss. It is obvious from her behavior toward us that they have told her she is going with us at some point. This is going to be incredibly difficult…
     God has provided for every detail up to this point in unimaginable ways. Why would He stop now? I know He didn’t bring us this far to leave us.
     Now to Him who is able to do IMMEASURABLY MORE than all we ask or imagine…

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  1. Our prayers are with each of you. God will guide you through. I am sure!!!!! I am so excited!!!!! She is so blessed to become part of a wonderful family. I believe God has wonderful plans for her!!! Many prayers during yours/her transition.

  2. Wonderful news!! We can’t wait to meet such precious little girl!! What a beautiful gift for such wonderful parents!! I’m sure she has already fallen in love with you too! Love and prayers…Patty

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