First Trip to the Library…


If you know anything about our family, you know how much we love books. So naturally we want to foster a love of reading in our Baby Love. It follows that an important part of the Sandersization of Lily would involve an introduction to the local library to help her secure her very own library card. Besides, any reader knows the library is the only sensible way to feed an insatiable appetite for great books (which tends to be a distinguishing Sanders trait). And though they don’t have a single braille book in circulation, our library is an important link to literacy for Lily, since she does have some vision and she’s still on the listening side of the whole read aloud exchange. So while I keep working at the process of getting her signed up for mail order braille books, we’re going ahead with our introduction to great books. After all, the words on my book bag remind me…

[ Lily’s Favorite Books at 21 Months ]

  • Moo, Baa, La La La!                  ~ Boynton
  • Doggies                                     ~ Boynton
  • Old MacDonald Had A Farm     ~ Illustrated by Lara Ede
  • Chicka Chicka ABC                   ~ Martin & Archambault
  • Black on White                          ~ Hoban
  • From Head to Toe                     ~ Carle

Little reader…

Meeting a new friend…

Another new friend…

It seems ironic to have braille on the outdoor book return slot,
since there are no braille books in the entire library system.

Lily’s first assortment of free books from the library.
It makes me giddy to think there are countless more where these came from…

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  1. She’s so lovely! We( workers at sws office) are all watching her pictures very well. Thank you for this updates of her!

  2. OH HOW SWEET SHE IS!!! Gabriel loves the LLama LLama books. I have been missing these updates so it was good to get an update. Lots of love, Glenda

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