A New Chapter…


Our son, Whitney, Jr., starts graduate school at Carnegie Mellon University next week.

We were able to fit in a couple of trips to Pittsburgh over the last 4 weeks to help him find a place and get settled. Having lived at home through his undergraduate years, this is a big transition for him.

But we know he’s ready. More than ready.

It was fun helping him fix up his place and set up housekeeping. His attic apartment is on a quiet street near a shopping district and is a 20-minute walk to the CMU campus. He calls often and we enjoy hearing about his adventures and misadventures learning to get around in the big city.

Though we miss him dreadfully, we are proud and pleased to see him begin this new chapter in his life.

Here are a few pictures of the humble little abode he now calls home…


A mother’s prayer…

I pray that God will bless this little home with comfort and joy and that Whitney will find within its walls warmth, rest and shelter from the storms of life. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

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