Water Baby…


There’s nothing like a little water to keep a toddler occupied.

I decided our teak porch swing needed a good cleaning the other day, so Lovey got to play with the hose. I adjusted the nozzle to a fine spray and she kept busy on the porch all afternoon, allowing me to work. A few sprinkles of borax, a lot of scrubbing, then a generous drenching with bleach to finish off the mildew and the swing was ready for a new coat of linseed oil. That should take care of it for another year or two…

My productivity hasn’t been very high since we brought Lovey home, so this was a particularly satisfying job. It was delightful to watch her enjoy the water, enjoy being outdoors, and enjoy being alive. She does that so well…


A light sanding with a fine sanding block, some linseed oil to preserve the honey color, and the swing looks and feels better than new.

A few days after finishing the job and feeling quite pleased with myself, I read that oil is NOT recommended for teak wood because it actually PROMOTES mildew growth, as it is an organic material.

Why is life always like that???

It’s not like I didn’t scan 30 or 40 sites on the internet to find out how to do the job in the first place. Why didn’t I see that minor detail BEFORE I slathered oil all over the blasted thing swing?

In any case, here’s the little ‘sitting pretty’ showcasing the newly-cleaned-and-beautiful-but-mildew-feeding-swing on our front porch.


Maybe I’ll get it right next year…

Please comment and give your opinion regarding the medium-size pictures. I decided to try something different because the large size seems so,



And, if you’re one for details, you can always click on the pictures and see them in size GI-NOR-MOUS!

I’m eager to hear what you think…

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  1. We are very happy because we can know Sarang and your family’s situation on your blog.
    When seeing photos, we thank so much but it make us a little sad because we can’t see her face to face.
    I can’t believe that it’s already 4 months passed after she left Korea.
    I wonder she is still finding “Appa”(papa) holding a cell-phone or saying “Umma”(mama).(maybe already forgot…)
    And if you say “Gido”(Pray) or “Yesunim”(Jesus), does she fold her hands to pray?
    When we care her, we prayed for her to be adapted into a family who believe in God and to recover her weak parts of body.
    God answerd to our prayers that your family adapted her and Sarang could see light and distinguish objects now.
    When we met her first, she couldn’t recognize even light.
    Although we heard a bit bad opinion from doctor, we didn’t lose hope and prayed to God for recovery.
    We still entrust Sarang to God and pray for His working.
    We know that it’s not easy to write news and upload photos on your blog, so thank for your effort very much.
    If possible, could you please upload Sarang’s some video files on your blog.
    Maybe she is learning to talk now, how lovely she is!

  2. Wendi,
    You are truly one of the richest people I know…..thank you for pouring into my life, beauty, love and the joy you have received from Christ Jesus! Thank you for sharing how God is working in and through Lily “Love” ‘s life and her family’s.

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