Adventure Bound…


Hello World

Lovey wants to run so badly. She’s been trying to figure it out for weeks. At random moments throughout the day, she’ll reach for my hand and say,


On these occasions, I grab her hand and we’ll run around the inside of the house a few times. A happy hum always emanates from her mouth as we run. [For some reason, I always tire of this game before she does.]

Some time ago, Lovey discovered that the sidewalks outside slope away from the house just enough to give her the momentum she craves. Once she gets started, she’s able to use gravity to build up a little speed.

After she ‘runs’ a little way down the sidewalk, she walks back up to the porch, steps up onto it, and begins the process all over again.

And ohhhh, how it makes her laugh…

That laugh makes my heart sing!

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