A Mother’s Day…


We arrived safely at the Incheon International Airport at 5:30 pm on Sunday, Mother’s Day. God is good and His grace is amazing. We lay our heads down tonight in a big, comfy bed with light hearts, feeling immeasurably blessed and beyond eager to see what God has in store for us this week. Our prayer is that all those concerned with Sarang’s transition also have a light heart and joyful, expectant spirit in anticipation of our visits in the foster parents’ home and the ultimate transition into our custody.

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  1. We are beyond excited for you all! We are praying for smooth transitions. Much Love, Lauren,Rodney,Graham,Claire,Tessa (and dumpling too)

  2. Paul and I saw Whitney at church today and he told us that the adventure has really begun!! We are so excited for you guys!! We will pray for you all and little Sarang(??) Take care! God speed you back home safely! love ya- Paul and Cathy

  3. Hey Sis, So glad you arrived safely!!! My prayers are with you, Whitney and “God’s lil’ Miracle” for the week ahead. Can’t wait till you all return home safely!!! Love you tons, Terri, Blake, Kolt, Brandi & Krista!!!! and Haley, Kaydence, Levi and 1 more!!!!

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