From South Korea with Love…


Greetings friends and family. I am beginning this blog from the Renaissance Hotel in South Korea because I have something special to share. We found out Friday a little after noon, that our 9 month-long journey to adoption is about to come to joyful fruition. The precious little girl God hand-picked for our family is ready to travel home to be our forever daughter. Allow me to introduce you to little Sarang (Korean word for love), who captured our hearts in late July of last summer. I daresay she will capture yours as well.

The story begins with my sister-in-law, who has a heart not only for the little girl she rescued from a Chinese orphanage 2½ years ago, but also for the nearly 150 million orphans left behind. Through Lauren and my precious 3-year old niece, God was able to get our attention and rock our world with the idea that we might have room in our hearts and home for a child who desperately needs both.

When my husband, Whitney, and I saw for the first time faces of orphans around the world on, we were forever changed. Poring over photographs of children from around the world who need a home and family, we knew God was calling us to be part of His plan for at least one of them. With a growing certainty that would many times over be confirmed and strengthened in the next 9 months and with a song in our hearts, we proceeded joyfully into the labyrinth of international adoption.

For one of those little faces had etched its image on our hearts and minds indelibly. ♥

The rest, shall we say, is history and we invite you to live vicariously through us as we journey…

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  1. Hey Sis, You could not have asked for a better Mother’s Day present. Your “Miracle from God” has arrived. Many blessings to you all!!!! Terri

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