Blessed Beyond Measure…


We went back to SWS yesterday to purchase some Korean books and to pick up several items the foster mother had forgotten to include in Sarang’s things. She called for “Umma” when she realized where she was, and the director spoke to her in Korean, emphasizing over and over that I was her new Mommy now. I think this was an incredible blessing for Sarang to hear that confirmed again in her native language and from someone she trusted. Sarang has clearly been a favorite at the agency and they are so eager to see her do well. Whitney and I were relieved and pleased that we could walk into their office with Sarang happily resting in the baby carrier on my chest and later turn around and leave again with her saying “ppa ppai” (bye bye) to those she had grown to love with no tears. God is good.

She continues to allow me to comfort her and provide care and asks to be held often. She accepts care from Whitney, but will not allow him to comfort her yet. She is eating and drinking well and is already picking up English words. She plays and laughs and is quite a little techie. We were told her favorite toy is a cell phone, which is so true and she has already learned to pause and start her favorite Korean kiddie video on my laptop by pressing the space bar. She can also make it play again and again by pressing the right mouse click button. She is amazing.

Sarang has a reputation for fighting sleep that we have confirmed, but we are confident that even her sleeping habits will mellow and improve with time.

We couldn’t be happier. We feel this child was hand-picked by God to be ours and He has seen fit to provide for every detail in amazing and wonderful ways.

We pack up and head home with hearts full of the knowledge that we are blessed beyond measure…

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