Sweet Homecoming…


We arrived home safely with Sarang, whom we will gradually call Lily. She did a fantastic job on the flights, crying and fussing only a couple of times when she was sleepy. She seems to want to bond with us and initiates warm interaction frequently.

She continues to eat relatively well, if not a lot, and is willing to try whatever we offer her. Everything is a novelty to her and she seems to enjoy every minute of exploring her new surroundings.

Sarang warmed up to her sister about an hour after we were home and they get along famously. She continues to allow her brother to do more and more for her. She allowed him to hold her for several brief periods today.

We arrived home in time to attend the baccalaureate ceremony and college graduation of our son, Whitney, Jr. on Saturday evening and Sunday morning. It was a special time for our family to be together and we are overjoyed Sarang came home in time to be included.

Though we didn’t think it was possible, we love her more with each passing day.

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