25 Things to Love about Lily…


1. She’s so flexible, she can clap her feet together like most people clap their hands

2. She’s so tiny, you can slip her in the high chair without pulling out the tray

3. She is constantly interacting and attempting to build a relationship with us

4. She loves books

5. She has an unbelievably long attention span

6. She is thoughtful

7. She is a good listener

8. She eats whatever you’re eating

9. She is affectionate and loving, but doesn’t need to be held all the time

10. She doesn’t complain about my rice, even though it’s not very Asian

11. She will play kah-koong (Korean for peek-a-boo) for hours

12. She is learning one or two English words per day

13. She tries to make us laugh when she’s in trouble

14. She is a climber (crib, high chair, kitchen table, you get the idea…)

15. She smiles easily

16. She laughs when anyone else does

17. She likes to run around the house in her diaper

18. She embraces routines

19. She has rhythm and likes to bang

20. Two of her first English words were “Good girl!”

21. She puts her face in the water during a bath

22. She persists until she figures things out

23. She is patient

24. She is mesmerized by light

25. After one week, she finally allows her daddy to hold her — patient man

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