Just before we left the hotel for the Incheon International Airport

Playing on the indoor playground with a new friend at the Incheon Airport

Sitting on the pull-out snack tray on the plane — all 16 pounds of her

Listening to Pororo, her favorite kiddie video, on the plane with one-size-fits-all headphones.
Lily calls this video “Po-po-chin”, for some reason we can’t yet comprehend.

Hugging Sleep Sheep while standing at Mommy’s feet on the plane

Talking on a cell phone is Lily’s favorite thing to do, on a plane or otherwise.
For the first few days, she would always say “Umma” or “Oppa” as she put the phone to her ear…

Our three children at Wofford’s baccalaureate service — a triple blessing (to coin a phrase).
My heart is full of thanksgiving as I look at this picture, even if Lily’s eyes are swollen from crying so much.

Lily with her brother, the college graduate. Already she adores him.

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