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To South Korea With Love…


Greetings friends and family. I am re-starting this blog from our hotel in Seoul because I have something special to share. Our story comes full circle in this place because we’re on our way to bring another daughter home from Asia — this time from the Hunan province in China.

We couldn’t come so close to the land of Lovey’s birth and not allow her to be reunited with the people who loved her and poured life and faith into her while she waited for a forever family — the ones who prayed for her and continue to pray and wonder about her 4 years later. This is where her story begins.

What a joy-filled reunion! We arrived yesterday to a warm welcome at the Incheon Airport and have been the recipients of a crazy love lavished upon us in warmest ways imaginable.

A Warm Welcome from Sarang's Foster Family

Appa with Large Welcome to Korea Sign

Details to follow… but suffice it to say these folks know a thing or two about love and hospitality and they have spared nothing in making us feel welcome.

Join me in the next few days for updates and pictures celebrating what God is doing on our journey to Hope. ♥




Just before we left the hotel for the Incheon International Airport

Playing on the indoor playground with a new friend at the Incheon Airport

Sitting on the pull-out snack tray on the plane — all 16 pounds of her

Listening to Pororo, her favorite kiddie video, on the plane with one-size-fits-all headphones.
Lily calls this video “Po-po-chin”, for some reason we can’t yet comprehend.

Hugging Sleep Sheep while standing at Mommy’s feet on the plane

Talking on a cell phone is Lily’s favorite thing to do, on a plane or otherwise.
For the first few days, she would always say “Umma” or “Oppa” as she put the phone to her ear…

Our three children at Wofford’s baccalaureate service — a triple blessing (to coin a phrase).
My heart is full of thanksgiving as I look at this picture, even if Lily’s eyes are swollen from crying so much.

Lily with her brother, the college graduate. Already she adores him.